May 2014 Numerology

In numerology May 2014 (5+2+1+4 = 12, 1+2 = 3) is a 3 universal month. 3 signifies fun, creativity, self-expression, communication, and socializing. This month is a excellent time to go out to meet new people, expand your understanding, be light-hearted, learn new artistic skills such as dancing, singing, drawing, musical instruments etc. In numerology, 3 is an optimistic, uplifting, and creative number. Compared with last month which is a universal master number 11, you will find this month a bit more relaxed and less intense. It is a good time to apply the new understanding you have learned from last month to the challenges and opportunities you are dealing with this month. You have done the hard work, now it’s time to taste the positive result and trust that the flow of life is taking you exactly where you need to be. However, every number can also bring challenges. Number 3 can bring the energy that causes people to overspend financially, scatter their energy too much, be distracted from where they need to do and get into unnecessary drama. It’s important to stay balanced and learn to let go. If you held on to negative things and feelings, the negative energy you send out will only attract negative people into your life who drain you financially and emotionally. In this month, it’s essential to have a crystal clear intention about what you desire and approach it in a light-hearted manner. This can really be on of the best months in your life.

Love and light

Jane Huang

MasterSource Spiritual Guidance

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