Prayer for a Career Involving Passion

God, angels and my spiritual guides, you know what my deepest and truest desires are even though I are not fully aware of them. Sometimes I have a faint feeling and vision about what I desire to create in life but I am too afraid to fully pursue it. I am afraid of lack of financial security. In the society we live in now, we are taught money is scarce. Most businesses make money by attacking and manipulating people’s fear. We are told that people who follow their passion rarely make it in the end. We are told we need to get a degree so that we can work in a job that provides the security. Are these truth? In the Bible, it says ” seek the kingdom of God first and all other things will be given to you.” ” The kingdom of heaven is within you.”

The government tells us we need to look for things outside of us to feel secured, while Bible and other spiritual teachings teaches us everything outside is a reflection of what is happening deep inside. God, my angels and my spiritual guides, please guide me to take inspired actions and learn the truth about myself and the universe as I go along. Please give me the give me the wisdom to see the truth, the courage to follow the truth even when the path becomes challenging, the loving willingness to share what I have learned to help others along the way. The time is to embrace the truth is now. The time to face my fears is now. The time to taste the victory is now. Everything I desire to know, have and be already exists now. Please help me open my mind and heart to allow truth and love pour into my soul.Thank you God, angels and my spiritual guides. And so it is.

Jane Huang

MasterSource Spiritual Guidance

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