Fun Personality Test


Step 1: Choose your Favourite Colour

Step 2: Describe why do you like the colour or how do you feel about the colour (warm, bright, shining, etc)

Step 3: Choose your favourite animal

Step 4: Describe the qualities you like about the animal (smart, bubbly, mysterious)








The qualities of your favourite colour is how you portray yourself to the world or how others see you

The qualities of your favourite animal is the internal you or how you perceive yourself.

Try this with other people. It’s pretty fun and can be a great ice breaker too!


Jane Huang

Welcome and Live in the Present Moment

inner feeling

Pay attention to how you feel on a moment to moment basis. Let go and surrender your thoughts to the universe to heal. Allow yourself to participate in this amazing and colourful universe without defense, preference or anticipation. Allow life to come to you just as it is. Allow yourself to be totally vulnerbale. Be non-resistent just like water. Accept everything coming into your life just as it is without using your mind to judge it, but use your heart to feel it.

Pratice this for one day and you’ll see how light, colourful and peaceful you can feel inside and how free you can be without any expectation or aniticipation. When you master this, you will be totally in the present moment, which will lead you to step into your own magnificant power.

Jane Huang

MasterSource Spiritual Guidance

Your Perception Is Your Reality


The ways you interpret various things happening in your life are products of your perception and beliefs.

Check in with yourself about your underlying beliefs. Are they serving you or are they hindering you?

Do you feel hopeful or hopeless? What do obstacles mean to you?

Do you believe you are a powerful creator of your life or a victim of your external environment?

A shift in your perception can change everything!



Love and light

Jane Huang

MasterSource Spiritual Guidance

Love All of You!

Real love has no judgement, demand or expectation. Are you willing to let go of your defense and hurt and give love freely? Are you loving or are you trading?

Every experience is an opportunity to learn about love. Everytime we shower others with love, compassion and affection, we not only do the same for ourselves, but also have started a ripple effect that can reach other other side of the world.

Jane Huang

You are loved!

Do you ever doubt if you are good are good enough, attractive enough, smart enough? Are you afraid to pursue your dream because you are afraid to be shot down? Are you hesitant about leaving negative or even abusive relationships? Are you afraid to speak the truth and let others know how you really feel?

Just remember you are loved and cared for by the universe. If you believe in your heart, it’s the right thing to do. DO IT! You do not have to plan everything out at first, but it’s important to consistently take actions that pull you closer to your goals and the life you truly desire. You may be judged, ridiculed, or even abandoned by your friends or family who do not know your true value and worth. But it is crucial that you never give up on yourself, your dream and your beliefs.

It’s the climb that is mostly challenging and yet most rewarding.

Let go of your resistance to the challenges in your life, embrace them with an open heart! Everything happens in your life is a reflection of your beliefs, desires, emotions, passions, and longings etc. When you feel scared, nervous, frustrated, hurt or angry, step back, breathe deeply into your diaphram and feel the underlying emotions triggered by the events. The more you surrender and let go of your resistance, the faster you can release the suppressed emotions and the faster the divine answers can come to you.

Jane Huang

MasterSource Spiritual Guidance

True love or co-dependent relationships?

I went to watch “The Longest Ride” this week and I think overall it is a pretty well done movie about love and romance. It’s not going to be a movie review but I do feel inspired to write a post about qualities of true love and co-dependent relationships. A lot of people tend to be confused about them because they both can feel very intense when we are in them. In many cases, what we believe to be the qualities of love are actually qualities of co-dependence or just emotional emptiness wanting to be filled. While in other cases, when some people feel guilty for leaving unloving relationships and not fulfilling their obligations imposed by societies, they are actually being most loving to themselves and other people involved.

the longest rideIn the movie, Ruth has always wanted a big family, however her husband Ira cannot impregnate her due to his wound infection. Ruth is devastated that her dream of a big family can never become true. When she decides to leave Ira, instead of getting angry, Ira tells her “I think you should leave. I fell in love with you the first time I saw you and for some reason you chose me. But the way I loved you then is nothing compared to the way I love you now. I love you with everything inside of me and I love you so much that I just want you to be happy even if that happiness doesn’t include me.” 

When you truly love someone, you will feel a strong and genuine desire to be understanding, loving, giving and compassionate no matter what the outcome . You will be so enjoying the process and grateful for the joy you feel by sharing you love with the other person no matter what the outcome is. If you get sad, afraid, frustrated or even angry when the other person does not meet your expectation/demand, it is a strong indication that you do not really love the other person because there are conditions involved and you probably are just obsessed with the idea or image you have about them.

Our expectations are products of our mind and nobody has the obligation to fit in a character created by our beliefs. Instead of getting frustrated when our expectations are not met, the most loving thing to do is to look at the underlying causal emotions that drive our expectations. When we have expectations for people, we start to take them for granted and stop seeing that everything they do is a gift that they choose to give us. Relationships without genuine appreciation will not last long because the quality of our relationships is a direct reflection of how much love we give.

For example, when a woman seeks a partner for financial security, she can get very upset when her partner is out of job or does not bring into family enough money as she expected. This is very damaging to both her partner and the relationship because it really is her own responsibility to support herself financially. Instead of projecting her fear of lack of money at her partner, she can embrace, experience and release her fear. Since our life is really a reflection of how we feel emotionally, after her truly owns, experiences and release the emotions, ironically, she will find her financial situation gets better. Another example is when a man expects his partner to obey and agree with everything he says, he will get angry or even violent when his partner disagrees. In this case, the underlying emotions are need for power and fear of losing control. These are very damaging emotions because they are very demanding and are interfering with another’s freewill. People who have need for power and control are usually very insecured and cannot find real strength until they face and own their fears.true love

All of our expectations come from not being responsible for our fear-based emotions. Instead facing and experiencing them, people tend to project them at other people and try to make them to be responsible for their results in life. Expectations are common signs of co-dependent relationships which are usually formed based on mutual wound.

On the other side of the spectrum, true love relationships are based on desires for understanding, growth, learning and sharing. There is no need or expectation involved. Both parties are so involved with learning and growing that there is so much joy in their life that they do not need the other people to fill their emptiness because there is no emptiness. Their life is overflowed with joy and excitement that everyone they see is an opportunity for them to share their love with. When two people are attracted to each other based on these qualities, they will experience a true love relationship that is loving, freeing and exciting in all ways.

Jane Huang

MasterSource Spiritual Guidance

Why and how to connect with your feeling and emotions?

It is very important to stay in touch with our body and connect with our emotions at all times so that we always know how we really feel and can take actions accordingly instead of taking on others’ emotions and do something we regret later on. When we are in touch with our true feelings, we are being completely responsible for and owning our feelings and we are not likely to get manipulated by other people. It is when we deny our emotions and feelings, we feel fragile and insecured and can be easily manipulated by other people who want something from us instead of truly want to help us. Aslo when you truly own your emotions, even when the outcome does not turn out as good as you hoped, you will not experience much regret, sadness or hatred etc because you have already done your best and there is no reason to look back. Most of the times when we get angry, we are actually angry at ourselves for not making the right decisions that deep down we knew was right. However, for most people, it is too painful to feel the emotions and admit that we could’ve done things differently that we project our anger and frustration at other people and ask them to change so that we don’t have to face our emotions and mistakes.

This is a very self-centered way of dealing with disagreements, mistakes and obstacles because everyone has free will to do what they choose to do and forcing others to change so that everything fits in our little world is not fair and not loving to others. It does not benefit anybody other than feeding our ego. In situations where people have been unloving to us, the best way is to own our emotions and leave the situation. Most people stay in negative situations too long because they expect others to change but are also afraid of facing the challenges by leaving the situations. Instead of initiating real changes, they choose to blame themselves and other people. It is not loving or beneficial to either party and the consequence is keeping both parties in mental and emotional prisons.freeing

The truth is that the events we attract into our life really reflect who we really are and how loving and truthful we really are. There are a lot of teachings that focus on affirmation. It rarely works permanenly because in one’s mind they might believe something through repetition of affirmation, but emotionally, they may believe something that is completely different. And between emotions and intellect, emotions always win. Our emotional based beliefs are a lot more powerful and deep-rooted than intellectual beliefs. Our actions eventually always reflect how we feel emotionally. It is as a person believes in his heart, so is he/she instead of what he/she believes in his/her mind.

To connect with our feelings and emotions, we need to breathe into our diaphram. It allows us to stay present with our feelings, emotions and intuition and not always stay in our head which actually creates a lot of confusion and rarely solve deep-rooted issues. We have to allow our emotions flow instead of making them stagnant. Frustration, anger, rage are strong indications of suppressed emotions. Holding on to negative emotions robs us from love, health, wealth and most importantly, growth. We also tend to be defensive all the time and miss the real lessons that the universe tries to teach us. When we breathe diaphramatically, we can think, and feel more clearly. We also feel stronger and more aware of not only our bodily sensations, but also stimulations in external envronment. When the emotions come up, allow them to flow out of your body in whatever form they manfest and keep breathing diaphramatically during the process.

Love and peace

Jane Huang

Founder of MasterSource Spiritual Guidance

Q&A: What’s the correlation between emotional injury and fear?

Fear is a common emotional injury that most people suffer. Some people like to refer emotional injuries as negative imprints that are imposed by our environment when we are very young and have not developed the consciuous mind to reject limiting and harmful beliefs.

Some emotions are causal emotions and some emotions are capping/blocking emotions. Shame and grief are common causal emotions. Fear, frustration, anger and rage are capping emotions that block people to get in touch with the painful feelings that they suppress. Most people get frustrated or angry because they want to run away from the painful emotions that they refuse to experience and release. But from a person getting sad to angry, it can happen within a fraction of a second and majority of people do not have the habit of observing their own behaviours and emotions swings.

Whenever a person gets angry or afraid, it is a sign that they are runing away the painful emotions that are stored in them instead of owning their emotions and really experiencing them without judgements. For example, a person who is afraid of admiting his/her true feelings may have been ridiculed when he/she shared his/her emotions openly but never allowed him/herself to feel the sorrow inside. A person who is afraid of falling in love may have been rejected or betrayed by the people he/she intensely attracted to or deelply trusted but never embraced and let go of the painful experiences.

Imgine when a child discovers something new and is eager to share it with his/her parents who he/she believes are supposed to love and support him/her. However instead of being encouraged, he/she gets yelled at, dismissed anad ridiculed. As a result the child feels not valued, not supported, not loved, resulting in a lot of grief and sorrow. In a lot of culture, children are not really encouraged to experience their painful emotions and are taught that crying signifies weakness while in reality they are just experiencing and releasing their emotions. It is when people run away from their emotions and suppress them with fear and anger that they become defensive, fragile and less powerful. So as the child grows up, he/she can be very afraid of discovering new things and inventing new ways of doing things on his/her own. He/she may even become jealous and resentful towards others who think out of the box and receive inspirations.

So to truly process in our life, accepting, embracing and releasing the painful emotions is essential. We are not responsible for what happened to us when we were children because they result from others people’s ignorance of how their negative words and actions can cause pain in another. But we are the only people who can release those painful emotions stored in ourselves and can set us free from emotional prisons.

Love and peace

Jane Huang