Q&A: What range of periods would you agree would take an average person to acquire a high level of awareness?

How fast a person progress is a subjective thing. It depends on how eager they would like to progress, how willing they allow themselves to really face, experience and release their eomtional injuries. I have met people who have progressed relatively fast. Every year, their life are becoming better, more joyful and have more freedom. I have also met people who are struggling with face and experiencing their emotions and not taking responsibility for their thoughts, feelings and actions. After 3 to 5 years, they still create similar results. But usually the younger a person is (less emotional baggages) and the less emotional closed a person is, the faster he/she progresses. Or maybe I should say a person who is younger at heart, more emotionally open, and  braver to accept life challenges tends to progress faster.

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