You Are Meant To Be Great!

Most great people have achieved their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure copy

Winners never quit and quitters never win! Trust your abilities and your higher power to conquer all the obstacles and difficulties in your life. Pay attention to your perceptions. It is your choice to view them as problems or a learning process. As you change your perception, your attitude will change which alternates your actions and how others respond to you. Pay attention to your emotions. Problems seem to be difficult to deal with only because you find them emotionally difficult to accept and deal with. When you are in peace with yourself, embrace all your emotions and let go of self-judgements, you will find most of the problems are not as difficult as they seem to be. Obstacles/ Challenges are the best way to help you grow and learn about yourself and the truth of the universe. Next time, when you encounter a difficult problem, ask yourself what can you learn from it and what are you avoiding to face? What you fear to face holds the key to unlock the treasure of your being. Fear really is false evidence appearing real. As you take inspired actions instead of letting fear dictating you, you will start to see the truth of life. You will start to taste the joy of freedom and the confidence in your own power!

Jane Huang