Prayer about forgiveness and moving forward

Resentment and anger are most toxic emotions and lowest vibrations human can experience. Holding on to them prevent us to fully engage with life, be in the present moment, and build meaningful and sincere relationship with others. When you hold on to negative thoughts and feelings, they become a vail filtering everything that is coming into your life. When you identify yourself with the inner story you tell yourself, you miss all the beauty, love, and fun that life is trying to show you at this present moment.

Furthermore, toxic emotions lead to negative impact on your health too. It also has been well documented in many teachings that resentment and anger can leading to many types of cancers, especially liver cancer since liver is the major organ that is in charge of detoxification.


Here is a prayer to help you let go of and healing from anger and resentment. I hope you find it helpful, inspiring and supportive.

God, angels and my spiritual guides, please help me let go of the anger, resentment regarding to the situation: Describe the situation. Please help me stay compassionate about my feelings and know that it happened this way because there are some most important lessons I needed to learn. And this is what life is about – focusing on the lessons that I need to learn, and carry on my life with hard-learned wisdom. I choose to forgive the people who have done wrong to me, not because I am push-over but because I choose to tap into my spiritual power and create my life that is deeply rooted in love, strength, wisdom and compassion. I choose not to react to what has happened, but respond to each present with my fullest attention. It’s easy to remain strong when there is no challenges. It is through challenges and obstacles that my characters are shown. I choose to be the best version of myself by embracing qualities of love, strength, compassion and understanding.

God, angels and my spiritual guides, thank you for helping me become more discerning and more assertive about my boundaries and needs. Thank you for guiding and teaching me to listen to my intuition, own my decisions without doubt or regret. With each challenge that I have faced, I have become stronger, wiser and more compassionate. God, angels and my spiritual guides, please help me be aware of my inner state and bodily sensations when my wounded emotions are triggered. Please help me stay grounded and not let emotions go into my head. It is not what happens that affects me. It is my interpretation of what happens that determines whether I feel pain, joy, or peace etc. Please guide me to detach from my feelings and stay grounded, and connected with the state of peace, love, and strength so that I can transform my life inside out.

Love and light,

Jane Huang

Prayer for Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse will take place on Monday, August 20 2017. It is a powerful way for the universe to give us a helping hand on releasing what doesn’t serve us, putting us on the right path or initiating something new that start a new chapter of your life. The key to work with this energy and harness the most from it and integrating it into your life is allowingness and letting go of control. For some people, changes may come very sudden or even shocking. For others, changes may be more mild. Some may manifest in external environment, others may be some sort of internal transformation. No matter what it is, changes are on their way and your life is starting a new chapter. Here is a prayer to help you stay grounded, relaxed as energy shifts around and within you.


God, divine father and mother, please help me stay grounded and connected with the divine energy during this solar eclipse period. Please help me let go of any fear (conscious or unconscious) associated with it and trust that it’s another way that the universe help the energy move so that my life can move into the next phase. Please help me remain as a witness to the changes around me and not get into any fear or worry. Things will clear themselves up once we are out of this phase and we will know then why thy have happened. My job during this period is to stay connected to the divine and allow the divine to lift and clear my energy, open my spiritual heart and allow releasing and healing to take place. Please keep my ego stay out of the way and allow the process to happen naturally in its own timing – not faster or slower. The divine knows what I need, what’s coming my way and what my potential is and I trust that this process will be done perfectly. Please help me be gentle with myself during this process, rest enough as my spirit and physical bodies go through some major transformation. Please guide me to surround myself with gentle and loving people and keep my vibration high.

You may start to see or feel the changes even a week before Solar Eclipse. Some changes and adjustment may take 2 to 40 days to really settle in and be anchored in your field (both internal and external). Please be gentle and patient with the process and mostly importantly enjoy the process. There may seem a million things happening around you, but there is only one step you need to take now – the step that is right in front you. When you are grounded in this moment, you mind will be sharpened and your intuition will be strong. You will know exactly what to do and how to be. You will be the authentic you without feeling the need to please others or fit in a certain culture or belief system. This is what I believe all people strive for – FREEDOM.

Take care and God bless you.

  • I use God, the divine, universe synonymously in all of my posts and I connect with the good and the divine in all religions and teachings. If you feel a strong affiliation with a certain religion, teaching, angel, ascended master etc, please feel free to adjust the prayer to your need so that it feel authentic to you.

Love and light

Jane  Huang

Founder of MasterSource Spiritual Guidance




Prayer for Your Success

Dear God, divine father, mother, the almighty creator, I have come to reconnect with you through my mind, heart and soul. Please lift any doubt I have in my mind and reconnect with the inner wisdom and compass that I have inside. Please lift and clear my energy, and receive divine guidance accurately.


I have this concern: (Describe your concern) and I need you to help me overcome this. Please strengthen the my connection with you, perceive this situation accurately, be clear about what option to choose and be assertive about the choice I make.

I know that the universe/God always have my back as long as my intentions are benevolent and are tuned into the highest interest for all people involved. Please help me stay in present and not obsessively worry about what will happen in the future. Because future is created and determined by what I am feeling, thinking and doing now. Please grant me the confidence, love, compassion, determination, wisdom and persistence to put in my 100% effort and take action now.

.Thank you God, my divine mother and father for looking after me.

Thank you angels for walking beside me and protecting me each step along the way.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Love and light

Jane Huang

Prayer to help with difficult situations, people and energy

God, angels and my spiritual guides, I feel unease (or fearful depending on the level of discomfort) about this situation: Please describe the situation. And I need your immediate help and divine intervention. I trust that you have my and everyone’s best interest at heart. Please dissolve any misunderstanding and open everyone’s heart regarding this situation.prayer-pic-11 Please protect me from any harsh energy by surrounding me with a white light healing cocoon and wrapping it with a purple light energy protection bubble so that only love can come in. Please open my mind and heart for divine solution to take place and trust and follow my inner guidance. Please help me let go of any grudges that I am hold to and release them to God and angels for healing, so that I can create new situations and circumstance from a place of love, peace and compassion. Please help me always stay in the moment, and stay true and sincere with my feelings and thoughts, so that I can really heal and attract the right people who are sincere about their intentions and communications. Thank you God, angels and my spiritual guides. Thank you. (In Jesus’ name if you are Christian or if you have a strong connection with Christ energy) Amen.


·         This prayer is non-denominational and is for everyone. You don’t need to be a Christian to use this prayer. Most important things are to have the right mind and heart in place and to hold sincere intentions. Namaste.

Love and light,

Jane Huan