Q&A: As a person ages, would it make them harder to release their suppressed emotions?

I mentioned age is a factor because most people suppressed their emotions most of their life due to societal conditioning. We internalize those judgements such as crying means we are weak, by getting angry with people, we feel powerful and can get what we want etc. That’s why for most people, as they age, they become more fearful, frustrated and cynical. These can reflect on their physical appearance as well. Our physical appearances partly reflect our emotional state. For example, radiant eyes reflect a person’s clarity and hopefulness. Gloomy eyes reflects pessimism, fear, grief or hopelessness.

After a person started their spiritual journey, their chronological age becomes less a factor because their mentality and beliefs have changed and start to perceive everything as a reflection of part of themselves. As person progresses more on the spiritual path, they actually become more childlike, humourous, fun to be around and less afraid of others’ judgements. Some people who are very advanced spiritually can actually reverse aging as they appear younger and people around them can see or sense a glowing radiance around them.

Jane Huang

Founder of MasterSource Spiritual Guidance