Q&A: Can science and spirituality agree and prove each other?

I think science is a great way to get to prove spirituality and find out the truth about everything. Quantum Physicist Albert Eisterin once said “Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind.” Scientists without following their inspirations and challenging current scientific findings will not achieve any breakthrough in our technology, lifestyle etc.

However, spirituality without the back of science can lead people to believe in things what are not true and can be very dangerous, and there have been examples where some religious groups manipulate people’s grief, fear and anger to achieve their own desire for power and control.

But we also need to remember that science very much relect our current level of collective consciousness as well. For example, 400 years ago, people believed that the Sun revolved around the Earth and it was accepted as truth until later some scientists challenged the idea and found more proof that it is the Earth that revolves the Sun. Quantum physics also proves the Oberver Effect which states that the intention of the observer affects the result of the experiments, which coincides with spiritual teachings that it is our perception and intention that create our reality.


Founder of MasterSource Spiritual Guidance

Q&A: Why do you think spirituality is not taught more in school?

I think part of the reason a lot of people shy away from spirituality and deep self reflection is because most people choose instant graification than real growth and clarity. Especially in western society, most poeple’s lives reflect an addictive nature and feel the constant need to fill their life with something – texting, TV, internet, magazines (reading other people’s life to suppress the feeling that their own life may be boring and pointless), fast food, junk food (using food to suppress anxieties, fear, or grief), use alcohol or drugs to relax (because there is deep anxiety and restlessness within). Techonology can benefit our life greatly and can be great tools to search for and receive advanced knowledge if we follow our desires to grow rather than using them to suppress and escape.

The other reason that we don’t really teach spirituality at school is because it challenges a lot of the current beliefs. For example, it is true that we can heal ourselves through diaphramatic breathing, meditaion, emotional healing and herbal treatment. If people were tought this, a lot of the pharmaceutical companies will go out of business. If you pay attention to drug’s effects, you’ll realize they don’t really heal people, they only manage symptoms. That’s why most drugs have side effects because they create inbalances in the body that is not natural. The pharmaceutcal industry is one of the most lucrative industries in the world along with achohal and arms industries. All of them have been abused to make money for people who seek excessive wealth, power and control. People tend to use drugs rather than natural healing because of the societal conditioning that makes people judge their own feelings and emotions and look for external means to escape the emotions, which is very detrimental because every time we deny our feelings and emotions, we deny ourselves.

Jane Huang

Founder of MaterSource Spiritual Guidance