How to create more abundance in your life!

Sit in a quite place and breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth until you feel relaxed. Imagine your feet sink deep into the earth and feel the solid nurturing earth energy supporting your whole being .

Place your hands on the centre of your chest and put your attention gently between your hands and the skin of your chest and say “I am my awareness.” If emotions come up, it’s okay. Be with them for a moment. You don’t have to do anything. Be aware of them is enough. They will heal, evolve and expand at the right time.

Now ask to connect with your spiritual guides, archangels, angels or your higher self whoever you connect with usually. If you are new to spirituality, and you are not sure who to connect with, you can always ask to connect with your higher self and your subconscious mind. Spirituality also starts with connecting with yourself first. The deeper you go, the higher you can reach.

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Now say in your mind or out loud:

God,  archangels, angels, seraphim, my higher self, my subconscious mind please help me be aware of my negative beliefs about money. Be aware of what thoughts, memories emotions, images, colors etc. show up. Allow your emotions to flow through you. Pay attention if you have any body sensations. Write them down. When you come back and re-read what you have written down, you’ll see how your thoughts, emotions are trying to communicate with you and you will have better connection with yourself and make better decisions in the future.

Now repeat the same exercise  for financial abundance

Pay attention to what financial abundance really feels to you. Be aware of what thoughts, emotions, images, colors etc show up. Pay attention to your body sensations. Do you feel expansion, warmth, or something else and write them down. 

Financial security and abundance is directly connected with your sense of self-worth. How do you see and feel about yourself? Do you really love, value and accept all part of yourself no matter what? You are the only person who can give you the love, the validation, the support you will ever need. The healing process starts and ends with healing your inner child. When you were a child, you depended on your parents. But when you are an adult, you really have to learn to be the divine mother and divine father that inner child needs. You have to be the force in your life to heal, love and appreciate your inner child in all aspects. When you heal your inner child, you really build a strong foundation in yourself, the 3D world and the spiritual world because you have integrated and harmonized all part of yourself and you will be more in peace with yourself. Your emotions will have higher frequency and your desires will manifest more quickly.

Find a quite place to sit and ask you higher self, your subconscious mind and your guides to show you your sense of self-worth. Pay attention to any thoughts, emotions, images, body sensations that come up and write them down. Pay attention to your breathing and become more aware of our own rhythm.

Now you have just released a lot of suppressed energy and emotions that no longer support you. In order for it to manifest more quickly in your life, you need to do come cleaning and organizing. (You can do this on the next day, if you feel you have a lot emotions to process or a lot of thought and feelings to write down in your journal.) Go through your place and clean out all the things that you no longer need. By doing this, you are generate room for new energy to come in and new events to manifest. You will also feel lighter and less dense. Everything is inter-connected. What you do in our physical world affects your mental, emotional and spiritual experience.

Now go back to your desk and write down as much as possible what you are grateful for. The attitude of gratitude will generate positive energy within you and in turn create positive experience in your life. In truth, you can only experience what you are and everything else is merely a mirror for you. I am sure you have heard of the saying “When you change the way you look at something, it changes.” It is because your out experience is a direct reflection of your inner experiences.

inner world

Now that you have done the heard part, finally you can write your goals, your dreams and what you want to experience in your life. I put this part at last is because I want to you experience your heart first and know the difference between your heart and your mind. Your heart’s desires will always fulfill you. By staying in your heart, you will be less sensitive to other people’s judgment, opinions because love the strongest force and protection in the universe. You don’t need other people’s praise to do what you want to accomplish. You only need love to do what you want to do.


Love and peace,

Jane Huang



Q&A: What range of periods would you agree would take an average person to acquire a high level of awareness?

How fast a person progress is a subjective thing. It depends on how eager they would like to progress, how willing they allow themselves to really face, experience and release their eomtional injuries. I have met people who have progressed relatively fast. Every year, their life are becoming better, more joyful and have more freedom. I have also met people who are struggling with face and experiencing their emotions and not taking responsibility for their thoughts, feelings and actions. After 3 to 5 years, they still create similar results. But usually the younger a person is (less emotional baggages) and the less emotional closed a person is, the faster he/she progresses. Or maybe I should say a person who is younger at heart, more emotionally open, and  braver to accept life challenges tends to progress faster.

May 2014 Numerology

In numerology May 2014 (5+2+1+4 = 12, 1+2 = 3) is a 3 universal month. 3 signifies fun, creativity, self-expression, communication, and socializing. This month is a excellent time to go out to meet new people, expand your understanding, be light-hearted, learn new artistic skills such as dancing, singing, drawing, musical instruments etc. In numerology, 3 is an optimistic, uplifting, and creative number. Compared with last month which is a universal master number 11, you will find this month a bit more relaxed and less intense. It is a good time to apply the new understanding you have learned from last month to the challenges and opportunities you are dealing with this month. You have done the hard work, now it’s time to taste the positive result and trust that the flow of life is taking you exactly where you need to be. However, every number can also bring challenges. Number 3 can bring the energy that causes people to overspend financially, scatter their energy too much, be distracted from where they need to do and get into unnecessary drama. It’s important to stay balanced and learn to let go. If you held on to negative things and feelings, the negative energy you send out will only attract negative people into your life who drain you financially and emotionally. In this month, it’s essential to have a crystal clear intention about what you desire and approach it in a light-hearted manner. This can really be on of the best months in your life.

Love and light

Jane Huang

MasterSource Spiritual Guidance